A huge void is left behind

I’m so very, very heartbroken about this. What a colossal loss to the Portland tech community… and well beyond. Igal always amazed me with the sheer volume of giving he was capable of. It was not just that he was an extraordinary giver, it was that he was not half-assed about any of it. He brought passion, commitment and professionalism to all his volunteer work. He gave us his all. He was a sweet, ever-smiling man, full of encouraging words and ready advice. He had a massive impact on the local tech scene and was one of the most welcoming to beginners you will ever find. The good he did has cascaded through the local tech community, and the local community, and well beyond… and we are much stronger for it. Igal was the snowball that turned into an avalanche for good and though he is gone the ripples of his good work will be felt for many years to come. Igal was assuredly a force for good in this world and he will be very, very sorely missed. Such a tragedy. Such a loss. Unthinkable.

It’s hard to find the words, but I blogged a longer tribute to Igal here: http://www.mmt.org/blog/rip-igal-koshevoy