He made me a better person.

I can not remember when I first met Igal, though my earliest memories are from PDXCritique. It was a little group that was an outgrowth of an idea from my time at AI. See AI is a trade school, the goal of the department that I graduated from was to prepare you to be entry level staff at an ad/web agency. Because of this there was a lot of focus on meeting specs but little desire or time for a true critique. I often felt that this was a short coming from school and eventually I was part of a small group of three that decided to take on the task of starting the group. CubeSpace at the time was the hub of the community and was where we decided to have our meetings too. I do not remember if Igal was there on night one but, as with many groups, he became a solid fixture in the group. Always willing to share an idea or two, always willing to speak up as needed.

From there he encouraged me to become more involved in the magic that was happening around us. I attended a sprint or two for Calagator, I started helping with OSB that first year. I soon learned that if you just follow Igal then he will show you the way to something wonderful. Be it conversations about code, photography, or any of the thousands of things that this wonderful man was passionate about.

I will miss his perspective, I will miss his ability to kindly direct you to what you really needed to be doing. He was a great force for good in my life and because of him I am who I am to day. I love you Igal, you made me a better person.