Nash Dryg Ugal: (Russian to English): Our friend Igal

My first memory of Igal is from CubeSpace: somehow we realized we both speak Russian, so from then on, every time I saw Igal at tech events, we always reconnected through a shared interest for the language. Sometimes a brief hello (здравствуйте), other times pretending to talk about the others nearby in dark sarcastic Russian phrases; always a pleasure. A crew of us: Ben Foote, Carissa Wodehouse, Reid Beels, Igal, and myself rode the new Green line Max when it was launched. Igal was a fixture in the open source tech community, a genuinely nice person, wicked smart, and a community builder, lifting up others around him. So much efforts to create and maintain community through Calagator, Ignite Portland, BarCamp, and many many more. I will miss our friend and colleague: мир праху его. Благодарю вас за все, что вы дали нам, Igal.