A quality mentor

I don’t remember when I first met Igal, but I’m pretty sure it was at one of my first PDXRuby meetups shortly after I moved here in 2008. It was obvious that Igal was a backbone of the group, and was always working on something interesting besides. When I got a chance to work with him and Markus at Puppet in 2010 I was thrilled.

Besides the tireless work he did on his own, Igal was always working to teach and help bring others up to speed, something that I wish more developers did. Igal would review code not just to see if it worked, but also offer suggestions on ways to do it better and make it easier to read. I occasionally disagreed with him on style points, but more often appreciated the kind feedback and sharing of knowledge.

The time I worked with him directly was too short since he ended up moving on after a few months to other projects, but I always assumed I’d end up working with him again. He was impossible to avoid in the developer community, not that I can imagine why you’d want to avoid him.

I have a fond memory of one of the few events I was at with him where he wasn’t helping organize somehow. It was just an office party for a local tech company and they had a mechanical bull and other games. A few of us took turns riding the bull and I remember lgal laughing heartily at our antics, all while photographing our embarrassing falls.

I always wanted to go to a heavy metal concert with him. Don’t know why, but I was always surprised by his musical tastes, and couldn’t really imagine him in a mosh pit.

I’m sad I won’t have the chance to mosh with him, work him again, learn from his mentorship, see his photos of events, benefit from his community organizing efforts, or laugh with him again. I miss him already.