The Code Sprint that got me my Six Sigma Black Belt.

Igal was a member of the Calagator core team. I wish that I could write about the early days of Calagator, but that is someone else’s story to write as I wasn’t there.
On a Saturday in Spring 2010 I brought my team for my Six Sigma Black project to a Calagator code sprint. I informed my team members that at a code sprint you brought your lap top and participated. Well they didn’t listen. One team member walked in and announced that he was there to observe. Igal came up with a solution so that everyone could participate and get the work done. He set up a projector in another room. We did code review and closed tickets together. Igal patiently explained everything. He spoke Russian for the team member who spoke Russian better then English. Work got down on Calagator. My team learned what a code sprint was. I earned my Six Sigma Black Belt.