The Code Sprint that got me my Six Sigma Black Belt.

Igal was a member of the Calagator core team. I wish that I could write about the early days of Calagator, but that is someone else’s story to write as I wasn’t there.
On a Saturday in Spring 2010 I brought my team for my Six Sigma Black project to a Calagator code sprint. I informed my team members that at a code sprint you brought your lap top and participated. Well they didn’t listen. One team member walked in and announced that he was there to observe. Igal came up with a solution so that everyone could participate and get the work done. He set up a projector in another room. We did code review and closed tickets together. Igal patiently explained everything. He spoke Russian for the team member who spoke Russian better then English. Work got down on Calagator. My team learned what a code sprint was. I earned my Six Sigma Black Belt.

The Worst Move Ever

Spring the time of year that I have said good bye to too many people. With great difficulty I have learned mindfulness as a way to cope. Mindfulness is far better for my health than eating a case of frozen Twinkies or drinking myself silly.
Last November I went thru a horrendous move. I am grateful for all the help I received from friends and family.
On a cold rainy Sunday a chat with Igal helped me get thru the last of the move. On the day we moved the chickens, I had no more energy but had to keep going. Igal was with me in the truck. The chickens were in a dog carrier in the back seat making a ruckus. The chicken coop was perched over the truck bed. I was telling him that this move rated up there as the worst move, second only to the mudslide. I asked Igal what was his worst move was and he told me this story. His parents where dissidents. That he was born in KGB prison. That when he was a little kid the KGB came in the middle of the night and put them on a plane to Israel. Igal talked about how hard it was to be in Israel where he didn’t speak the language. Isolated and alone. Well I wasn’t alone. I had friends and family to help with my move. The chickens got moved.
Before Peter went to work he gave Igal a list of things we had to do to settle the chickens in. Like put up a new fence for the chicken yard. Igal kept track of everything. Everything was completed.
Our discussion gave me the energy to practice mindfulness and complete the move and not fall down into the mud pit with Jeremiah my favorite cranky prophet.

Igal took peoples’ favorite photos of themselves

Camera in hand Igal captured the joy, inter beauty and spirit of community. I look at the postings, this is my favorite photo that Igal took. I see a gifted photographer. I am amazed by his attention to detail. Time, place, every person’s name. Whole paragraphs of tags and text posted. When I post photos, I happily let my camera post the details and maybe a name like Bonnie where you get to guess if Bonnie is a flower, person or dog. But not Igal you know exactly what the photo is.